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Can a true sportsman be corrupted?

“Sport” is one of the sweetest words to hear, if you are a sportsman. “Sportsmanship” is one of the most valuable assets you have as a sportsman. “Corruption” is one of the most hated words for any normal human being, who would love to see a better country. So “corruption in sports” is the most ridiculous thing you could believe happening as a true sportsman. Unfortunately it is happening. As same as in the other corrupted fields in the country, it has been the same, even though true sportsman are there every where to take decisions.

It’s not only in high scale such as in the national cricket or rugby teams, but it is also in under 11 cricket team selection of the smallest school of the country. It has spread throughout the system as if those sportsmen have never ever been true sportsman ever. System has rust on itself with political, economical, cultural, ethnical influences and that has affected tremendously in the development of our sports status. To fight against we should start from the smallest units. We should thoroughly believe that at least in sports, decisions should not be taken upon political, monitory, racist influences.

As a less corrupted system, our university sports system can stand against this. Let’s become ambassadors to stop corruption everywhere. Let’s not tolerate corrupted activities happening. Let’s become a model for schools to get an example from. Let’s show what true sportsmanship means in real life for a sportsman. Then we can be proud one day that we have at least contributed in a small scale to eliminate the corrupted system in the country.

written by - Vihangun Ariyarathne

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